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Travel Upstream founder, Karen Valadares, chose to live on her own terms, by exploring the world! Motivated by her adventures, she founded her company to inspire and support people to travel long term. We worked together to create a brand manifesto for Travel Upstream.


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A brand manifesto translates the soul and purpose of a company into words and imagery. As an inspiring, authentic connection between the brand and its followers, a manifesto communicates the values, objectives, and mission through a powerful message. “The Travel Upstream Movement,” as we called this manifesto, was a delight to work on. I’m also passionate about long-term travels, so I was instantly inspired by the lifestyle we portrayed in this manifesto. The brand visual identity and web design were created by Karen’s husband, Liam Cole. Check out her website – it’s beautiful!

I love that I could follow Travel Upstream from the first steps. Karen is amazing to work with. She is invested in the success of her company and bring in a carpe diem approach to life that is truly inspiring. I’m always happy to co-create and strategize content with her. We still work together on the website content and SEO.


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“I’m so happy I had the chance to work with Marcela. She was proactive from the start, providing suggestions and new ideas that fit perfectly with what I was looking for. She also shown great web knowledge including understanding of SEO and user journey focus. The end result was really good and I’m 100% happy. I will hire her again for future jobs and I would highly recommend her to others.”

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