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At Inbody, Maike Stolte and her partners offer executive coaching, training, and leadership excellence consulting. When we started working together, Maike and I first created a brand story about their clients’ journey in reaching excellent leadership skills, genuine employee engagement, and effective communication. We wanted a brand story and a website that displayed the unique Body Mind Balance model developed by Maike.


  • Brand Story
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Maintenance

Inbody’s brand already had fonts, colors, and marketing materials, so we concentrated on the brand story and web design & development. Located in Barcelona, Spain, Inbody serves clients in English and Spanish, so we needed to create a bilingual website.

We organized the content and the goals of each page, to make sure the website translated the hope and positive energy Maike brings to her practice but also focused on user experience and navigability. The result is a beautiful bilingual website, easy to navigate through blog posts, resource library, and service pages.

I was happy and motivated throughout this project. I’m very proud of the result and honored to have co-created this brand story and website with Maike. We still work together in maintaining the website.

Info is a bilingual WordPress website, designed with the Divi theme.

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