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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files. Your desktop and mobile browsers store these files and retrieve them when you re-visit the same website. With the information provided by the cookies, the website can retrieve your history and preference settings. They work as sort of a memory, so the website can remember your preferences and where you left off the last time you visited.


How does use cookies?

A page on may generate:

Anonymous site performance cookies – these cookies store your preference of language, and last pages visited. These do not identify you as an individual, as they only recognize the browser’s history.

Anonymous analytics cookies – these cookies are used by analytics software. They help me track the number of visitors to the website, how many pages they visit, how often and for how long they navigate the site. No personal, individual information is stored, so this software cannot identify you, individually.

Third party cookies – other organizations may set anonymous cookies on this website through applications. In these cases, our website does not have access to the information stored in these cookies, nor the other organization can access information stored on our website cookies. For example, when you share one of my posts on social media, the media platform (LinkedIn, for example) may record this action in their cookies.


How do I switch cookies off?

Modern browsers give you the option to manage cookie settings. Usually, you can manage these settings in the Options or Preferences menu of your browser. If you cannot easily locate these menus, use the Help option. The following links may help you as well in setting your preferences:


Managing cookies in Chrome

Managing cookies in Internet Explorer

Managing cookies in Firefox

Managing cookies in Safari web and iOS.


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