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I help small businesses and self-employed folks create amazing brand stories* in dreamy WordPress sites**

*What is an amazing brand story?

A brand story

1. explains your work to your clients, by telling a story. Not a story of how you started your company, or how you go about in your daily activities, but the story of the journey you go through with your clients to help them out.

2. translates the awesome work you do into words and pictures, combining imagery and vocabulary to show clients the value you bring to the table.

3. helps you connect with clients, by giving your company a unique personality.

4. brings consistency to all content you create (your website, social media posts, emails, blog). You will tell parts of the same story in all places and it will make sense to the clients interacting with you at different media.

5. saves you time. You don’t need to think, ponder and wonder each time you produce content because you will instinctively know which pictures to use, which words to choose, what to say and how to highlight the values of your company.

6. comes in a beautiful package called The Brand Companion.

Wondering what The Brand Companion looks like?

Explore the content of the Companion by clicking the button below. See how it helps you build authentic, coherent connections with your clients with less effort and faster processes.

**What is a dreamy WordPress site?

A dreamy WordPress website

1. works well. Really well. Visitors easily know what to do, where to find info and how to accomplish tasks.

2. is beautiful (on desktop and mobile).

3. becomes a 24/7 VA+salesperson, by attracting clients and explaining your services.

4. has all the plugins you need (but only the ones you really need!)

5. comes with me as a guide. 😊 I’ll be with you throughout the whole process. I’ll help you find the best solutions based on your goals and we’ll work closely to make sure the website has the look and feel you want for it.

Hey, this is me! Marcela!

How did I get here, among brand stories and WordPress sites?

By following LOVE everywhere.

Love for words & stories

This love took me on an academic journey to a PhD in Literary Theory. Surrounded by libraries, books, and late-night researches, I travelled to Europe and the Americas, learning how to structure stories. Later, I found out I could use these narrative structures to tell visual and textual brand stories on the web.

Love for images (& stories, again!)

I fell in love with images and design at journalism school where I learned about grids, photography, and visual hierarchy. I printed photos in darkrooms and had a digital camera with a floppy disk (yeah, sorry, I’m THAT old). As a journalism major, I also learned about language hierarchy, interviewing techniques, and ways to find the hidden stories of everyday life. Later, I incorporated these skills into editing web content and understanding online user experience.

Love for life (& life stories)

I became a mom. And I thought: “well, I want to be close to my kid while he is a baby/toddler. I’ll offer freelance services full-time and work from home. This will be perfect!” BOOM. So. Hard. I had to leverage and develop uncountable skills. I was the definition of ‘out of your comfort zone’ for a long time. But this experience opened my eyes to what self-employed and small businesses need in terms of creating a brand and connecting to clients online.

And I’m not alone! Meet my partners.

João Araujo

João Araujo


João has 40 years of IT and management experience with companies in Spain, the U.S., and Brazil. He knows PHP, HTML, Javascript, CSS. (Android and iOS, too!) If you need to solve any tech issue in your website, he is the right guy. Learn more about him.

Aline Luz

Aline Luz


Aline creates beautiful logos, brand visual identities, and content marketing images for clients in the U.S. and Brazil. She also took the self-employed journey after becoming a mom! Check her work.

Luis Novaes

Luis Novaes

Photo & Video

Luis is a photographer and videographer. He can direct and create engaging videos for your website, blog, and social media. Check his work.

A few of the projects we worked on

Click on the images to learn more about each project.

Ready to fall in love with your website?

Let’s start planning!

Where would you like to start?

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Who is this for?

You will love to work with me if you:

  1. like to co-create. We will work together in all steps of the process.
  2. want to stand out from the crowd. “Normal” and “regular” do not suit me very well. I am the right person if you are looking for a site and a brand that are truly unique.
  3. care for being authentic.

when can i expect to have my site/brand story ready?

The Branding Companion may take 2 – 6 weeks to get ready.

The Dreamy WordPress Website may take 4 – 8 weeks to get ready.

It depends on each project. We will get an accurate estimate after our initial meeting.

What is the process like?

The general guidelines are:

  1. Discovery call – to see if we are a good fit and to discuss your project.
  2. Initial meeting – to kickstart the project, define our schedule and define our communication tools.
  3. Interview to talk about your goals, your business, and your brand.
  4. Research and gather material.
  5. First and second rounds of revision of The Brand Companion
  6. Set demo website
  7. First and second rounds of revision of The Dreamy WordPress Website
  8. Set up hosting
  9. Launch live website
  10. Two weeks of support

What payment options do you offer?

50% on the day of the initial meeting.

50% on the delivery of the project.

We use Payoneer to collect payments.

any extra info i should know about?

I develop all websites in WordPress with the Divi theme. (This is good to know, especially if you are going to maintain the website by yourself afterwards)

Got any questions?

Contact me.


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